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DeadWoodz Series 1 - Case of 60

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We know some of you love a sealed case, and so here it is, 60 Blind bagged DeadWoodz boxed up, to bust open, or to forever stay sealed! The choice is yours...although we know what we'd do. And if that wasn't enough, each case comes with a guaranteed hit of a hand signed Tom Bunk exclusive Garbage Pail Kids collector card - Limited to just 20 in the world! EXCLUSIVE TO THE CASES ONLY.

Each foil-wrapped, sealed blind box contains 1 exclusive double sided DeadWoodz figure AND 1 randomly inserted DeadWoodz official Garbage Pail Kids Collector Card. 20 cards to collect in all (and look out for signed auto cards too from DeadWoodz creator, Rory McQueen!). Each DeadWoodz figure measures approx 5" x 3.5" x 3/4" (12cm x 8cm x 2cm).

This case of 60 DeadWoodz is the only way to guarantee a master set of all 10 double sided wooden DeadWoodz AND all 10 double sided PINK chase variants.

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