About us

Get a Grip Skateboards

Get a Grip Skateboards was explicitly formed out of an incomprehensible addiction for Collecting. Toys, music, nostalgia and all things 80s. From Garbage Pail Kids and Boglins, to Saturday morning cartoons, hip hop, skate culture and anything that makes us feel 10 years old again.

You are warmly invited to join us on our journey to bring beautiful objects into the world. Limited Editions, hand signed collectibles, one-off chases, exclusive trading cards, blind bagged drops and nothing but non-stop fun surprises along the way.

Collect with abandon. Skate like nobody’s watching. Share and enjoy your passions with the most incredible eclectic community of likeminded individuals.

Get a Grip Skateboards had a dream; we are living it right now, and it is time for you to get on board, get crazy, and do a god darn kickflip!

You want it, we’ll bring it.